LUV to add pink ID Stacy Miles blogAs I share some of my best design ideas getting started is usually the hardest part, but hopefully these simple basic concepts will make the process less intimidating.

First I recommend the family try to clean out the clutter twice a year. Next more specifically, donate, sell on eBay or give away to friends any excessive toys, games and clothing. Getting rid of excess clutter regularly will keep the home more organized .

Next, I suggest giving your children a space to call their own workspace, art room/playroom. There are many great space saving ideas for furniture, storage units and room dividers that work well in a smaller home or apartment. As part of my design packages I always offer a great resource list. Best to incorporate music, art supplies and  iPod docking speakers, small instruments into the design plans for bringing creativity and opportunity for cross-generational bonding into the household.

As an Interior Designer I always try to incorporate “nature” into my plans. Natural elements are proven to have a positive effect on people, especially children. Any nature inspired wall paper, pillows, photography or fresh flowers and plants into any décor will add that organic feel too. Add art to almost all of the rooms, especially in the most unexpected places: a bathroom, kitchen, entry hall or staircase. When your children are playing I feel they should always be inspired by art that surrounds them in their home. Always personalize and do not be afraid to decorate in different colors for each child. I always prioritize the two most important design elements are comfort and creativity. Homes must be fun and comfortable with an accurate reflection of how the family lives.

Taking the children to flea markets, furniture shopping, getting them involved in some of the choices to purchase, a great book shelf to display the trophies, memento’s and important objects the children collect.  Before taking action, I recommend you have a set budget for the amount of work required and items for each room. Try to enjoy the process and remember changing colors and adding new accessories will transform your space in no time.