The Quintessential Bathroom Remodel –Design Program, 2012.
Mastering the bathroom: a place to escape every day, not everything in a bathroom needs to serve a ultilirian purpose. I always try to hang art,photos,and objects on the wall. Always make sure frames are sealed. You can add plants and flowers for some charm from nature. I suggest varieties such as ferns or orchids,they thrive best in moist conditions.
Functional objects can serve decorative uses, be constant with style. A vanity should fit all your storage needs. I always suggest to invest in a decorative mirror, can be attached to a medicine cabinet or separate item. The finishing touch is the towels, mats, towel rack, soap dishes, tissues, after the basic fixtures are selected.
My favorite design element is to add a piece of unexpected furniture, chest of drawers, chair, or interesting cabinet.

The key tips: When selecting colors, make sure use gloss paint, more resistant to mold and water stains.
Always focus on lighting, natural is best.Lighting from ceiling fixtures eliminate shadows.Down lights and wall mounted sconces are best for surface light, and can be decorative or simple. Storage and shelves, best if they are deeper to stack towels in addition to accessories. Most times I try to add a recessed box or shelf above of a bath tub/shower area for showcasing items, shampoos and pretty bottles.

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Best,Stacy Miles