quintessential design for a home gym blogdo more in 2013 of what makes you happy...quintessential design for a home gym blogMy “quintessential design”, for a home gym: Where design meets form and function. Most of all design matters in any home exercise space. How to transform your home gym into the exercise studio of the future…become virtually fit!

My Quintessential Design Punch List:

Have a space plan that incorporates all the equipment and consider safety , do not put a bike in a bedroom, separate the gym area from the rest of the home. I suggest to always make sure the machines do not stress the electrical system , be careful when hanging heavy equipment on the walls or ceiling.
The main components for a home gym and well-rounded fitness space:always include cardio, flexibility and strength equipment. A full length mirror is key, it will make the space appear larger, and will spread light into the area. I feel it is always nice to see what you are doing!

Depending on the space , if it is limited than opt for a bike,mount wall hanging gear and use elastic bands, a few kettle balls. I tend to exercise more than five times a week,and I prefer industrial strength equipment( for my quintessential resource list please look for my upcoming post in December). My most important tip is focus on “DESIGN” in a utilitarian home gym, if the space is not appealing, you will not use it! For key principles of working out and training I leave that to my “personal trainer” .

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy holiday season…
Stacy Miles