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quintessential remodel tips for your summer retreat in 2013

. First I suggest be smart about picking your team,as the designer I always work on my design plans with my contractor, electrician, plumber and architect before the project unfolds..
I suggest the client be clear about their budget, and point of view in terms of lifestyle and goals for the summer retreat. Do not expect it to be completed in an unreasonable amount of time, plan ahead always! (Six months on average for a full remodel, and it can be up to eight months). That is why I am suggesting you start planning now early in the new year.

Some simple guidelines where to start..
I always start in the kitchen, it tends to be the heart of the home, it is also on of the most challenging areas to renovate in terms of electrical plans, plumbing, lighting and mill work. design for the modern kitchen
design decor space plan

Spend time on the bedroom design and always include a master bathroom suite with shower options.Bathroom remodel planthe quintessential shower

Finally,for me it is most important that the client is able to relax and be comfortable in their home , entertain and truly have the home be a reflection of how they live and a place that they love .

To schedule a design consultation for your summer remodel project please do not hesitate to contact me in the new year.

Stacy Miles