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My Quintessential Design Editing for residential or commercial projects .

Sustainable Design for the public sector,New York City . Goals for sustainable “Green Design “for the private sector in all my projects.
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In 2013 the launch of my e-decor the quintessential Design in a box suitable for all your projects. The deluxe Box is the design solution shipped directly to you for all of your design and decor ambitions . The design box includes everything you need in addition the designer’s customized plans for your individual requirements. The Basic Necessities Box package includes all the design essentials that includes color for walls,window treatments and floor coverings, the inspirational/material board, space plan and resource list for all.

The Quintessential Design in a box is “The Solution to All Your Decor Ambitions in 2013. It’s All The Designer’s Customized Plans-For-Your-Space-In-A-Box…

Stacy Miles