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“Fuchsia in the new quintessential red”cette annee 2013.

Although there are manyVariations of Redthat work well in decor.

Maroon: a dark bluish red, it denotes controlled and more thoughtful action. It is slightly softer than burgundy and not as dramatic as true red.

Burgundy: a dark purplish red, it is more sophisticated and serious and less energetic than true red. It indicates controlled power, determined ambition and dignified action and is often favored by the wealthy.

Crimson: has a little blue in it. It indicates a determination to succeed but without upsetting anyone else. It emits sensuality rather than sexuality.
fushia is the new red 2013

Scarlet: has a little orange mixed with it, giving it a richness and brightness. It indicates enthusiasm and a love of life. It is a little less intense and more fun-loving than true red, tempered with a degree of defiance.
fuchsia is new red 2013

Fuchsia is fresher than red, especially when it is a velvet sofa or interesting chair from the 20th century …there are a several orginal handmade carpets and textiles that I find intresting from Madeline Weinrib’s collections.

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Ambitious Designs in Red..in fact, red being the color of love. Especially since” LOVE -conquers all”!

My own design abitions for 2013 include designing some new precious pieces for my jewelry collection that will be available in February 2013, just in time for for V-Day.

Have a wonderfully happy red new year filled with love(cette annee 2013).
Stacy Miles