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Collection Tableaux, November 23,2012-February 3, 2013. These four works from the Jewish Museum’s collection, presented together, inspired me as a mediation on the meaning and role of tables as a gathering place for ritual,ideas,family gatherings and building memories most of all. The contemporary work LAID TABLE, by Beth Lipman was an amazing design of glass replicas of holiday and food related objects . The table conveys a sence of joy, and sorrow mixed together (such is life).The artists recognize, the common household table, laden with objects both mundane and precious , in addition they carry a great deal of symbolism. I loved how the artists transformed solid everyday objects made from glass, linen, delicate materials to be used with paper into something ethereal and poetic.

As a designer, specifically I loved the melange of objects, all replicated in glass, stacked on to a granite table top, candle sticks, a spice container,a matzah-making tool, pastry molds, and other holiday prep items.

Designing an original tableaux for each client in 2013, my goal will be to evoke the fragile balance between’s life celebrations and sorrows, present all objects and accessories for every tableaux as a unique dramatic , ongoing conversation among family and friends. collection tableaux

glass laid table

In 2013 look for more of Reinventing Rituals through contemporary art and design for life!

Stacy Miles