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Quintessential steps in 2013, designing for my client projects. How to get started …

First I start by talking to my client to get a better feel for their aesthetics and how they envision using the space. Knowing if they plan to entertain, require child-friendly or pet friendly fabrics, have pieces that can be moved from another room or taken out of storage is key. It’s also crucial to figure out the budget so that I can make the right choices and get the most for a client’s money. Paint and Tiles can make a huge impact, so I try to pinpoint what’s happening on the walls and floors early on in the process.

Most importantly I think practically. Designers have to avoid forcing their will on clients or choosing the most expensive options instead of thinking about how a room will actually be used . I always try to think of all possible problems that might occur before the design is executed.

Another important thing to do when selecting furnishings for a client space is to make sure it will fit in the freight elevator of an apartment, through the doorway! Always be consistent. It’s easiest to stick with neutrals for larger upholstered pieces, and work in brighter colors with throw pillows, which are less of a hassle and cheaper to swap out if you get sick of them. Make sure that the color palette of each room works within the context of the entire house. This is especially important in smaller spaces like apartments where one room tends to bleed into another.Milano Design
In design, especially I always pay attention to detail. Without accessories, a room reminds me of a woman who got dressed and forgot to put on jewelry. Small accents create another layer and keep a space from looking cold or boring. I avoid buying everything from the same store or period. The most interesting spaces I have designed always offer a mix of modern and antique from different sources.

Each project I design is one of a kind and unique. A house should feel personal to a client and I do not believe that a space should never look like a designer came in and did it all.

Stacy Miles