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quintessential kitchen design workspace for 2013

The future begins with the quintessential kitchen workspace design..
The kitchen is a workshop: Best new kitchen design elements for the most practical designs ;
Object 1- A real country kitchen in a modern home.
Object 2- A loft space in a more traditional home.
All my designs offer optimal lighting and air filtration, design themes with several variations, the best accessories, equipment, appliance housing cabinets, tool cabinets and wide variation on materials.

My design workshop goals ;

Object 1 – Design the most compact kitchen design for my client.
Object 2 – using a unique combination of kitchen workbench, kitchen tool cabinets, kitchen appliance housing cabinets, and the most exceptional solutions that combine elemental clear form with rational and practical function for 2013

My design approach for developing the kitchen workspace is based on practical usage. The first stage is always the preparation requirements, and what is required for storage, tools, and the materials(they must always be well-organized and close to hand). Next cooking and the final stage, serve and entertain. The result is a new architectural design for the kitchen as a public space in a private area.
The kitchen is a space where we have the table as the heart and focal point ,the space is for cooking, eating and living ..Add a computer, flat screen tv, sound system, iPod doc station and it can also become the quintessential home office. My designs offer flexible modules for any lifestyle.

Stacy Miles