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The quintessential light therapy design in 2013.

Innovations in Light Design for 2013.

Almost Time to Change the Bulb

In design it is best to use the natural power of light to help people feel healthier and more alive every day. It’s been proven that light is an important factor in regulating sleep, mood and energy. Our body clock uses light to tell us when to wake up, be active and energetic, and when to go to sleep. But sometimes the seasons, indoor work, or weak body clocks cause this cycle to get out of balance. I have found some specialized lighting products that are designed to help body clocks stay in balance for optimal energy, alertness and sleep patterns.

In 2013 I will be actively looking into areas such as:
1.Using light to enhance well-being, such as waking up naturally and feeling energized.
2. How to fit the benefits of light therapy into day-to-day life and
any improvements to the existing products, such as the Wake-up Light, EnergyLight and InfraCare.

In the short-term, you can continue to light your home with incandescents. But in the long run, they say, if you study the various lighting technologies, you can save money and time — and, perhaps, see every part of your home in its best light.

For resources and a light design consultant plan please contact me directly.

Stacy Miles