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What’s next for 2013..Quessential E Design by Stacy Miles

Create what’s next. Form follows texture…The art of E-Designing.
My approach for designing, focus on the process,concepts,techniques, challenge my creativity, and foster new links between art forms, textures, shapes and colors made available through my Quintessential E Designs in a box.

What is E-Decorating Stacy Miles Quintessential DESIGN in a BOX?
E-Decorating is a design option from Stacy Miles Designer, that gives virtual clients the opportunity to retain the interior design services of Stacy Miles, even if they live outside of the New York City area. E-Decorating is ideal for residential and commercial projects large and small. All you need to take advantage of E-Decorating Stacy Miles Quintessential DESIGN in a BOX is access to a computer.

For further details please email directly @ info@stacymiles-designer.com

Stacy Miles