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Announcement 2013..Launching of The Quintessential Design in a Box for sale..

exciting news!!

Now you can order an exclusive design box, the decorating design option from Stacy Miles Designer, that gives the virtual clients the opportunity to retain the interior design services of Stacy Miles, even if they live outside of the New York City area. E Decorating is ideal for residential and commercial projects large or small.

Who can E-Decorate Stacy Miles Quintessential DESIGN in a BOX?
E-Decorating with Stacy Miles Quintessential DESIGN in a BOX is ideal for anyone who would like to decorate rooms in their home or office utilizing the knowledge and experience of interior designer, Stacy Miles. Some clients may have a limited budget or may only be interested in focusing on one room at a time. Others may want to take a new look at their entire home or office. With E-Decorating we can create the look you want to achieve, despite time, distance or budgetary restraints.

What do you receive with Stacy Miles Quintessential DESIGN in a BOX?
As an E-Decorating client, you will receive everything you need to bring the room of your dreams to life. Your E-Décor may include: Paint chip colors, wallpaper suggestions, ideas for items to reuse and/or revamp, rug, lighting and fabric suggestions, window treatment options, accessory and art suggestions and furniture placement. You’ll also receive Stacy Miles’s links to all of the resources you’ll need to complete the project.
*Please note: Stacy Miles Quintessential DESIGN in a BOX is not responsible for those items, but will try to assist you in finding suitable alternatives when possible.

How do you get started?
Complete and submit the information sheet that will be emailed directly to you, along with 2-4 low-resolution images of the room, room measurements, (each wall including the overall dimensions of the room and wall height and please include heaters, windows etc., your budget, and images representing your inspiration for the room. All information is sent electronically. Nothing is mailed.

How long does E-Decorating Stacy Miles Quintessential DESIGN in a BOX take?
Once your information sheet, room images, measurements, inspiration links and payment have been received, the design process begins. We design each room, one at a time, and each room design takes approximately three weeks to be completed and sent back to you. If your project involves multiple rooms or an entire home or office, please email Stacy Miles Designer@ info@stacymiles-designer.com for a time estimate.

To receive your design in a box customized exclusive for your project please contact Stacy Miles Designer, @ info@stacymiles-designer.com .

Stacy Miles