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quintessential yet practical kitchen space design

How you can refresh your kitchen..Some great space plans and layouts for the traditional modern home..

By adding an interesting and unexpected backsplash or wall installation. As a designer I am always interested in the architectural details. The raw space is the starting point for me, although the existing conditions are where the demo-install plans begin. The materials are very important to transform the space to where stainless steel meets wood, tiles and color all working together with textures to create the ambiance and mood. I deliberately limit the color palette to keep it fresh and modern. The whole design for the kitchen is only made up of four materials..Simple yet practical kitchen space design.

Sometimes a separate pantry can be a very convenient luxury,especially when you are giving a party or entertain often. The pantry doubles as storage space in the work area.
When I design the kitchen it is an environment that offers the client the most unlimited possibilities for a functional well-designed living space.To obtain the creative consistency for a kitchen design, I combine three elements, which can be put together and added to as the client needs;

1. A workbench or prep station.
2. Kitchen tool cabinet and appliance housing cabinets.
3. Seating accommodations for the serving area.

To inquire about how to order a quintessential Kitchen Design in-a-box; please go to our website. http://www.stacymiles-designer.com for all the details.
Stacy Miles