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design meets functionfloor plan bathroomleica send me your photoskitchen materialspool 1960new york designQuintessential.. Editing Design for the individual client.There are a number of reasons you hire an interior designer, some of which include: a paid point-of-view (you like the designer’s overall body of work); you want a space designed to accommodate your personal tastes and needs beyond what was provided by the architect or developer,or in the case of a remodel the existing conditions. Time and product knowledge is key and when you do not have the time or required knowledge to put all the moving parts of a project together yourself(then it is time to hire the designer).

Quintessential ..Editing Design for the individual client.

If you are ready to think out-of-the-box, then it is time to order one of my customized Designs in-a-box.

Step 1: Take some photos of the existing conditions and write a small description of your project goals and ambitions .

Step 2: Go to my website and review the Design-in-a-box that will get you started on your project.

Step 3: Contact me directly to review your project and get started ASAP.

Stacy Miles