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Quintessential Walls have color, light, art and all the right angles..

whimsical walls

storage soutions

right angles

Quintessential walls are whimsical and have all the right angles.

Are you looking for an innovative design addition to a bare wall ? There are some wonderful and whimsical new wall papers I have found,bold yet sophisticated, matt-foils, embossed paper from Farrow and Ball, a fabulous company called Trove and their great at reinterpreting photographs, patterns and with my design direction quite artful.

My love of decorative elements and eco-friendly materials like high performance PVC free paper ,FSC-certified veneers, and natural resins.. Love the option when a material is recyclable, printed using non-toxic ,wax-based coatings and last up to 140 years! That is design innovation that creates whimsical walls..Great Illumantions..The best lighting plans and fixtures for any space.

For more on wallpapers,lighting and decorative finishes for your walls please view my website@ http://www.stacymiles-designer.com

Stacy Miles