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Quintessential children’s interior design..

Design Solutions for small children’s rooms..

Petites Chambres L’Enfant..

A childs bedroom constitutes the space where the smallest members of the family play and learn, sleep and dream and let their imagination and creative thoughts develop as they grow up. As a designer, my goals are to design a space that will enhance all their development and make it a very happy space with lots of color..each design I create can be specified to your childs needs, and the layout and space plan is done with special attention to growing needs of the child. I work with resources from all over the world for creating the most practical solutions brimming with imaginative proposals which include everything from classic design ,informal styles and the most modern concepts.

To order your customized Children’s Design in-a-box room plan please contact me directly for details..www.stacymiles-designer.com

Stacy Miles