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Quintessential Design Restoration and Remodel..

Period Style

1- Complete Antique restoration including veneer repairs
2- French polish for furniture and Architectural elements including pianos and hand rails.
3- On premise furniture repairs/maintenance and touch ups.
4- Antique marble repairs and polishing.
5- Brass/bronze metal repairs and casting for replacement of missing pieces (handles, mounts etc.)
6- Gilded frame repairs, replace missing areas in carved wood or composition.
7- Gilding using both oil and 18th century water methods.

Period Style

1- Ornamental detailing for ceilings and walls using plaster and compo ornament in the French, English and Classical styles.
2- Ornamental detailing of existing architecture (staircases, mouldings, panels).
3- Period style folding screens

For any project restoration/remodel inquiry please contact me directly.

Stacy Miles