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Quintessential Smart Design ..how to live in the home for the 21st century.

Designs and Smart products that are out of sight… my design intentions are minimalist,especially when

Designing a Smart Home

. First start out with some high-tech lighting systems,multiple entertainment systems through out the unexpected places(kitchen cabinetry, bathroom shower systems, above a fire-place to name a few.)
Especially some very advanced security systems, top to bottom gadgetization that can be very costly, although it is an a very wise investment . Some less expensive options that are still very SMART, motorized window shades by Lutron,(they can be programmed to go up and down to allow day light in).

I think it is so much fun that they are iPhone and iPad controlled! Now that is SMART.

for Smart lighting, keypads are programmed with different levels of lighting options, as well as inventive hues. My favorite is Smart Sound,inter-connected music zones, ;playlists programmed by floor or room ..Smart temperature, heat and air conditioning icontrollable by every room, or zone.
There are many companies developing and rolling out Smart household products, a refrigerator that suggests recipes, and so many more Smart household items to purchase in the 21st century…More to design.

My quintessential Smart Designs in-a box . http://www.stacymiles-designer.com/edesign.html

Stacy Miles