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work angles of the roomWork all the angles..
Pieced together I work all the angles of a room. With the geometric rigor a modernist painting, as an Interior designer, I assemble collages of texture, prints, and color before planning out the space. The key to a successful floor plan “work all the angles of the room”. Blocks of color make powerful statements, and I am very inspired by the rich –hued colors that Sonia Delaunay and Mark Rothko use with their use of color blocks. Colors can create graphic artistry in the way they are arranged. I usually work with a trio of colors, and add one unexpected complimentary tone to create an unusual color scheme. My goal as the designer is to have the person experience the mood intended by the design. Hint, sometimes if you test a wall color paint a patch of color 3’x6’ as a test prior to making the final selections…
What is new in Design by Stacy Miles

1.PROPOSALS/PROJECTS illustrate Stacy Miles’s philosophical approach and demonstrate her capability of moving an initial concept to design and execution.
2. Selected images from different periods of Stacy Miles’s design career illustrate the evolution of her jewelry design through art and demonstrate both an ability to work in many different mediums and the ways in which her art revitalize and strengthens her architectural sensibilities.
3.THE DESIGNER, Stacy Miles is a person who inventive produces concepts, sketches, & arranges parts or details. The design professional develops ideas that consider the function, value and aesthetics of a product. These concepts are most successful when they benefit both the user and manufacturer. A good designer is concerned with a product’s relationship to human characteristics, needs and interests as well as the material, manufacturing, and technical aspects of the product.

Stacy Miles