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Quintessential invaluable design for a modern world..[gallery strong>

Quintessential invaluable design for a modern world..

It seems hard to define modern in a world that is ever-changing –particularly in terms of furniture trends, colors and styles .

If the walls could talk, what colors would they want ? What art would they want to reveal , and must it say something about the client? As a designer in the 21st century, I will always defer to history and keep moving forward .. Some tips how to incorporate modern colors ,texture and pattern to play up the natural light in any space. Create harmony in the space by scale and proportion. Add some reflective surfaces for glamour. Always consider how you will use the space, then chart the scale and proportion of furniture so it will fit into the space. Always determine the colors you like, then add them in as accessories, pillows, area rugs, lamp shades, and feature art.

Stacy Miles
Interior Design/ Jewelry Design in Precious Metals/ Space Planning/Artistic Direction.
Blog: stacymilesdesigner.wordpress.com
Website: http://www.stacymiles-designer.com