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spainish tile


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nelson ceiling pendant private collection

kitchen remoel mcm 2011

kitchen materials

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21_ Benedikte Ugland subway tile back splash



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20th century designs inspire

2nd floor kitchen

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Mug - Milk

Quintessential Designs in exciting new directions..

Designs in exciting new directions..Kitchen , Bathrooms and Modern Space planning with Smart Design
Master of mid-century design, stools worthy of playing a key role in any room ,resources where to find it.
Reclaiming the past
Designs for the future.

How to visualize your dream kitchen, by connecting all the design dots…..</

blockquote>As the designer, creating a space plan that allows for function, design and focus on the ventilation system , the best selection of materials, cabinets and appliances, essential smart design services,lighting, and evaluation of the family’s lifestyle and needs. By conveying my design plans, recommendations for th best solutions for practical designs.

How do I design for my clients needs;
1. By understanding the user’s impact.
2. Understanding space constraints and basic service restrictions in a remodel situation.
3. Using my creative judgement in constructing arrangements to fit new design situations.
4. develop a systemic approach for my research of all materials.
5. By using my analytical abilities to derive the proper dimensions, material quantities and specifications required for the project.
6. By selecting the best contractors and installation services required.

All design projects aim for different aspects of design and various levels of design. Please consult me directly to determine the best design/remodel plans for your new kitchen or bathroom.

The best resources coming up for spa bathrooms that includes;more fresh color combinations and all the tile resources for period details in design.

Stacy Miles