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Quintessential Design Case Study 2013
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Quintessential Design Case Study 2013.

As a Designer , I truly believe that any home renovation /remodel can be a success on a limited budget. By using my creative resourcefulness combined with my extensive design knowledge and training , project experience inevitably lead to clever solutions and beautiful results.
When working with limited budget of roughly $80/per square foot and a compressed construction period of 120 days from the start of demolition to finish, as the designer and member of the remodel team of an architect, contractor, and electrician, I become the Design Director of the project. As I procure all the materials (everything except for the sheet rock). “Ordering everything myself saves money, as normally a contractor would add a fee on top of the cost for the materials, which includes being responsible for getting the right overage on the tiles and making sure everything arrived in the right sequence. “This usually is very stressful, and I wouldn´t necessarily recommend trying this at home, DIY.”
As a designer, however, I do offer a client several user-friendly tips for staying on budget and on time. “Having done extensive research on all of my past projects, I am able to make final decisions on schedule, which is one of the most important aspects of any successful project. I always recommend that clients do their research by compiling and organizing their images or links to ideas, materials, and products in a thoughtful way; this is invaluable to you as well as working with a design team “Working within one’s budget is always challenging. As a designer, I am well aware of what´s available in terms of materials and fixtures and covet the same things I specify for my clients. The results are to always strike a balance between the high and low. In most projects in terms of colors I shoot for a fairly neutral palette with varied, rich textures and spots of color.” When it comes to tile, especially for a backsplash, “I splurge on tiles from one or two Italian Tile companies, because of the extraordinary depth of their colors (and non-colors) and handmade character. “The back splash tile in a kitchen or any space is a focal point , and I tend not to produce a border tile for it. Since I chose the tile for its form and pattern, I feel that leaving the edge raw celebrates the design aspect .In terms of kitchen design, I always work with the highs and lows, given the open nature of the multi-function room, I tend to avoid upper cabinets and a full height refrigerator for a more integrated overall aesthetic. “For the kitchen splurges, I will go with fridge drawers (I’ll never go back!) and custom stainless steel panels to keep the kitchen quiet and monolithic. I may use other materials for the island, to surround and warm it up, but granite and stone are the materials that work best with most tiles. As the designer, I tend to use a neutral palette to create a background that can accommodate a high/low design approach with any kitchen design. For more on my designing on a limited budget and my future design case study reviews please contact me directly.
Stacy Miles