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Quintessential New York Design inspirations

My Design Short List of Inspirations ..

designa home gym blogblue dog020d is for designurban gardenQuintessential New York Design inspirations
My QUINTESSENTIAL DESIGN SHORT LIST. The Things that inspire me to design everyday !
1. My daughter Rebecca always !! Especially a day in the hood with Rebecca..(Tribeca especially!)
2.Training with Nick Castellano..www.essentialtrainingservices.com “The best personal trainer, and coach” .
3. Shopping for my minor obsessions downtown.
4. My precious links to the past, urban impressions, New York City.
5 ART always inspires .
6. Italian Design.
7. My collection of modern antiques of the future (private collection).

Local Design , New York City Inspirations !
Interior Design http://www.stacymiles-designer.com
Design a workout http://www.essentialtrainingservices.com

Design *Make your home fabulous with a remodel-renovation in 2013.

Stacy Miles