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Quintessential Design Point of View from the Designer,” my goal is to always design above the bar”. I am newly committed to working with marble and other interesting tiles .

Looking forward!!!

Quintessential Design View of Tiles

002Quintessential Design View of TilesmarbleQuintessential Design View of Tiles by Stacy Miles.

Stacy Miles

Website: http://www.stacymiles-designer.com

Designing with Tile..
Tiles bring color, pattern and texture to a space and enhance attributes
that already exist . Here are some of my recommendations to demystify the
varieties of trims, borders and achieve the greatest effect of the chosen
material. The details, design tools to compose a two-dimensional or three
dimensional space arranging tile in different configurations , understanding
the purpose of specialized trims. Bul nose, v-caps , listellos and
keys-tiles basically fall into three categories: field tile, accents and
trim pieces. One practical consideration: when mixing two or more types of
tile within the same plane, stick to tiles same thickness as the field tile.

Using accent pieces set into the field tile add variety and highlight the
color, finish and texture of the field tiles. Using trim pieces to smooth
over the transition from one tile to another material, along wainscoting ,
where floor meets walls, along edges etc.

A bullnose has rounded edges, used
as a highlight .a v-cap is v shaped tile that wraps around edges of counter
top. Base tiles use like a wood base board. When in doubt I hope you will
contact Stacy Miles “the on call “Interior!

Stacy Miles