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Quintessential Recession-proof decorating tips..before after gardenflower tablesgreat floorHome of Dior 1953wall test for paintQuintessential Recession-proof decorating tips..

2.Fake the architecture with wall paper or installations..Bring depth and dimension into a room by using richly textured paper or some interesting 3D tiles cut into a brick pattern template. each section is raised and different and creates a visual rich texture.
3. Asymmetrical floor plans, balance everywhere, establish harmony with overall arrangement of pairs of lamps, pillows and chairs align with a sofa. Also try to work with the boxy, low-to-the-ground pieces-large sofas, sturdy club chairs, angular coffee tables, serve as the rooms foundation. Try a splash of a bright hue, every room needs a little color!

WIC dressing room While designing opulent soup to -nuts remodel projects, even the fanciest designs can use some inexpensive fixes..
1.Revamp what you have. Paint or upholstery and existing chair , if it is still hideous than give it away! At least you tried? Paint some of you interior doors, chose a bright contrast color other than a white door. Forego pricey overhead lighting fixtures. A basic swing-arm sconce, task lights and table lamps cost mush less than recessed lighting and they throw a soft light that creates a nice ambiance. A little decadence goes along way…Costyle fabrics in a small dose, like a pillow in silk velvet rather than an entire sofa covered in the same fabric.

white mod kitchenQuintessential Recession-proof decorating tips..by Stacy Miles,Designer.

3. Kitchen ideas..in a tiny kitchen go for graphic prints, a punchy design can overwhelm a larger kitchen , but in small doses it works.Try high gloss lacquered paint on cabinets, add reflective surfaces, that make the kitchen pop. Feature a focus backsplash in glass tiles or beautiful marble. I like to use tile in a subtle pattern , quiet shades of grey and bring in sophistication and a dose of the unexpected- to any modern room. Tile- The way we live with color, and styles are endless combinations ; Industrial glamour, edgy classic , mid-century elegant, how to mix and match, where to start when designing a counter top ,back splash and floors .

Stacy Miles

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For more design ..Mix your materials, wood, glass, stone and natural tiles..

Subject: an Intriguing combination…

The purity of design and quality of finish are paramount, when designing with tiles. The client will also get an intriguing combination of styles – perhaps a Fifties lamp juxtaposed with an eighteenth-century chair. Working with clients who are art collectors allows me to create interior spaces where architecture and finishing complement the client’s collection and allow art and design to work seamlessly with one another. With a wide range of clients , some of my recent projects include an apartment in the west village of Manhattan and an English Tudor remodel house on Long Island, a duplex apartment in Great Neck , New York.