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Design Liberation
The purity of design and quality of finish are paramount, when designing with tiles. The client will also get an intriguing combination of styles – DESIGN LIBERATION- By Stacy Miles,Designer.


Quintessential Design Liberation Tile plan SMTraditional Patternsspace planpattern marblePatterns and Tilesmunny blueget startedfloor tiledesign right anglesDesign LiberationQuintessential Design Liberation Design LiberationKeep DesigningQuintessential Design Liberation by Stacy Miles

The design debate continues whether to use marble or granite for counter tops …onyx instead of limestone…travertine instead of porcelain.
The big picture , designing with tiles and how to achieve continuity, select colors, choose the pattern and shapes of the tiles and adding texture. Knowing the character of the space and adding little details with special effects like bull noses to v-caps and the aesthetics of grout. Always be aware for special considerations; wet areas, showers and inside and in-between outside like an entry foyer. How it all comes together very important that when shopping get lead times, samples, variation in the product and pricing. Tile is low maintence , durable and easy to clean. I have some great ways to introduce tile as a piece of artistry or featured focal wall in any space. Tiles on a wall in a dining room enhancing the space by installing a wall of glass mosaics in a pattern with an iridescent, reflective finish that will catch the light. By adding tile to the room, it will bring color, pattern and texture where it is lacking and complete the style and enhance the attributes that already exposit. Tiles can mimic the look of wallpaper or an exquisite fabric. I like to use tile in a subtle pattern , quiet shades of grey and bring in sophistication and a dose of the unexpected- to any modern room. Tile- The way we live with color, and styles are endless combinations ; Industrial glamour, edgy classic , mid-century elegant, how to mix and match, where to start when designing a counter top ,back splash and floors .

The design debate for the best kitchen and bathroom designs will be ultimately judged by the client! Looking forward to showing you my new projects! Design Liberation …

Available by appointment Monday thru Friday , Marble Palace Design Center in Port Washington, New York.

Stacy Miles