Stacy Miles

Question 1-: What attributes do you think are necessary to make a good designer?
We now live in the 21st century, the third wave of informative/digital technology age. I feel how we go about designing an interior space must accommodate this trend. To be a great designer I feel you must not be afraid to go far out there, and stretch into the future while the mo

st important thing is to think about how the space is used and how will they live going forward?

A great interior designer should be able to be a self-starter from the beginning of a project. The designer must be able to understand good design and prepare and present her ideas, finish selections, materials, and a budget. Be organized and start with a solid foundation, a concept that supports the individual elements of the project.

I believe the key attributes for a great designer is someone who can access the scope of the job. What does the client want done? A great designer should be able to incorporate what the client already owns and loves into their design project. A creative person that has a vision, expertise in designing a space, and a great manager of finding the right furnishings, making sure painting and installations are happening in a timely planned schedule. The job comes in as close to budget as (include the unexpected costs up front.)

Ultimately, an organized, creative self-starter that can prepare and present a complete concept for the design project.