About Stacy Miles

THE DESIGNER, Stacy Miles is a person who inventively produces concepts, sketches, & arranges parts or details. The design professional develops ideas that consider the function, value and aesthetics of a product. These concepts are most successful when they benefit both the user and manufacturer. A good designer is concerned with a product’s relationship to human characteristics, needs and interests as well as the material, manufacturing, and technical aspects of the product.

Proposals and Projects illustrate Stacy Miles’s philosophical approach and demonstrate her capability of moving an initial concept to design and execution. Selected images from different periods of Stacy Miles’s design career illustrate the evolution of her interior designs through art and demonstrate both an ability to work in many different mediums and the ways in which her art and design revitalizes and strengthens her architectural sensibilities.

E-Decorating is a design option from Stacy Miles Designer, that gives virtual clients the opportunity to retain the interior design services of Stacy Miles, even if they live outside of the New York City area. E-Decorating is ideal for residential and commercial projects large and small. All you need to take advantage of E-Decorating Stacy Miles Quintessential Design-In-A-BOX is access to a computer. Click to learn more »

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