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The annual DECORATOR SHOW HOUSE DESIGN SHOW located at 163 East 63rd street , New York City .The high-profile renovation project took up residence in an Upper East Side mansion, 163 East 63rd Street, back in May 26, 2011.
The striking, neo-Federalist style residence was once owned by John Hay “Jock” Whitney and boasts unique historic details acquired during his travels abroad. Each of the 16 rooms in this four-story, 10,000-square-foot mansion will delight design enthusiasts and anyone looking for decorating inspiration. Among all the fancy fixtures, faucets, plumbing, there were some noticeable trends.
As I filtered through all 16 rooms ,here are the three trends that stood out: Top Kitchen & Bathroom Trends

DIGITAL :Though it always sounds a bit ridiculous at first, there is no denying that digital technology is changing this industry dramatically. Though high-end toilets that play music and remember your “bulk waste habits” are on the more silly side, temperature control and conservation settings will no doubt become more commonplace.
RETROFIT & RENOVATE : The kitchen and bathrooms industry is responding to the needs of the thousands of homeowners and urban renters who wish to upgrade their existing homes. These products make retrofit and renovation easier with standard sizing and smart solutions to make DIY even easier (if that’s the route you choose).
TRANSITIONAL / CONTEMPORARY: Nearly every Designer I spoke with talked about their newest designs that were destined to be in high-demand due to their strategic aesthetic that was a nod towards traditional but just modern enough to appeal to today’s consumers. While I personally prefer more modern and edgy design these rooms were each a collection of art, accessories and furniture that will appeal to the masses and are attractive to a wider range of consumers.

As we all look forward to the new year ahead,some quintessential trends to keep in mind,specifically in Design.

Stacy Miles