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Subject: more to a good bathroom design

. Is there more to a good design than a few logical arrangements? How do I make that puzzling bathroom spectacular? More than just simple and utilitarian. Multiple design schemes for a project. At the core exhibit my general use of creative judgment in constructing new arrangements to fit a particular design situation and selecting materials, fixtures, appliances, lighting, etc., is hardly debatable falling into realm of principles of design and esthetics.

In general terms
– Profile, goals and objectives (to make a logical prelude to the presentation)
– Floor plan
– Demolition plan (in case of extensive structural alterations only)
– Elevations
– Specifications of all major surfaces ( as such with reference to image or sample)
– Full specs of one major surface (all details, including sizes, quantities, patterns and joints, yes grout color too, installation, pricing , supplier, delivery )
– Appliances, fixtures, cabinets and fittings picks (as such, complete list a+ )
– Exhibit general understanding of workings of all services.

Stacy Miles

Interior Design/ Space Planning/Artistic Direction

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